Off the coast of Svínoy, aboard the “Ritan” post ferry


Few people know more about the Faroe Islands than it is an archipelago somewhere in the ocean and that sheep live there. Few admire their beauty in photographs or in foreign reports. A handful put their foot on them. Individual units decided to stay there.

Many people will be surprised that Faroe Islands are closer to Europe than Iceland – which does not mean that it is easier to get there. Travel by air often lasts twice as long, and sea travel is just under than 40 hours. Equally interesting is the fact that only 50,000 inhabitants live there.

During the filming of FAROE WAY in 2018, Jakub Witek visited the archipelago three times: with the end of winter, spring and summer. Each time he explored more islands and their hidden nooks. During these journeys, he had many fascinating conversations with the inhabitants of the archipelago – both native and outsiders. He tried local delicacies, hiked the mountain trails, took part in fishing on a family cutter, and even had the chance to see the traditional whale hunt – grindadráp – which is the subject of many controversial opinions and disputes. All these experiences allowed him to record many hours of footage from which the document FAROE WAY: The Art of Survival on the Faroe Islands was created.


Kuba Witek (aka Jakub Witek) – born on November 19th, 1983 in Cracow, but grew up in Kielce. Filmmaker, traveler, author of books. A graduate of the University of Central Lancashire in Preston.

An enthusiast of the North. He visited Sweden and Norway, and been to Iceland six times. He wandered around the largest Vatnajökull glacier, visited the ice caves and climbed the highest Icelandic peak. He toured the entire island three times. For the first time in 2016, during a lonely trip on two wheels, which he later described in the book – Ring Road: Around Iceland on a bicycle. The second time in the summer of 2017, to make his first documentary – ISOLAND. The third time, along with the beginning of winter in 2018, he cirlced Iceland while making a short entitled Against the wind, about the lonely, winter-time cycling expedition by Mariusz Wolski.

Participant in youth exchanges and non-governmental initiatives. Worked on commercial film projects in New York, Berlin, Paris, Reykjavik, Oslo and other places.

A runner, advocate of a plant diet, minimalist. Author of the autobiographical novel RE: Tusz, describing his fight against addiction and the hardships of growing up in post-communist Poland.


ISOLAND: Icelandic stories of Polish immigrants
(Documentary 2017) – Trailer / Film / Making of
Grand Prix on MediaTravel Film Festival 2017 in Łódź
Best Debut/Bronze Emigra on EMIGRA 2017 (Berlin, Chicago, Lviv, Vilnus, Warsaw)

Againts the wind: 1500 km through icelandic winter
(Short documentary 2018) – Trailer

FAROE WAY: The art of Survival in the Faroe Islands
(Documentary 2018) – Trailer


Wiktoria Witek
Film critic, translator, copywriter. Kuba’s sister.

Paweł Gil
Camera operator, project manager in – film crew for special tasks.

Berenika Lenard & Piotr Mikołajczak
The authors of the book “Whispers of stones: Stories from an abandoned Iceland”. They have been running the blog for last three years.

Łukasz Palkiewicz
Music producer, compositor, member of the Kroki band, also performs as a solo artist – Szatt.

Wsparcie projektu

Sabina Poulsen / Fjord Cottage

Ivan Eysturland

Maciej Brencz / Farerskie kadry – BLOG

Dominika Lusina

Jiří Sedlák

Tomasz Przybylski

Special thanks

For supporting the project and help during the three stages of filming FAROE WAY in the Faroe Islands.

Atlantic Airways & Visit Faroe Islands – for the possibility of arriving on the archipelago in the summer, a wonderful helicopter tour to Mykines and a well-organized stay.

Eysturland Lodge & Fjord Cottage – for great Polish hospitality, great technical help and tips on the islands.

Without their support, this film would never have been created!