Cliffs of Suðuroy


A documentary story about the inhabitants of the Faroe Islands, their struggles with difficult living conditions, clashes with nature, ocean, climate, isolation and hunger. It’s also a history of a struggle for the survival of Faroese – a language which is used only by nearly 80,000 people today. The story of a state whose origins come from small communities of isolated villages, and whose urban solutions are now a model for the rest of the world.

FAROE WAY shows a unique country both through the eyes of native Faroe Islanders and my Polish compatriots, who have lived on the island for several years, who identify themselves with this place and are ambassadors of its raw beauty.

Together with the protagonists, we will visit Fugloy – the northernmost outer island, inhabited by only a few people, which can only be reached by a small postal ferry or helicopter. We will walk through the historical government district of Tinganes, located in Torshavn – the capital of the Faroe Islands – to learn the secrets of Faroese architecture. We will listen to traditional dance and old ballads, which are sung to this day. We will embark on a trip on a small, family-owned fishing boat. We will find out why Faroese sheep are unique and how important are patterns on local knitted sweaters. We will visit many amazing places like Saksun or Mykines, and we will even have the opportunity to experience traditional whaling.


Kinga Eysturland

Born in Gdansk, moving in and out of the Faroe Islands since 2009. Currently living in Klaskvik, although she would gladly move to Fugloy. A Scandinavian studies graduate and a trained masseuse. An avid traveler and painter. Since 2013 she’s been running the Eysturland Lodge and the Organic massage parlor.

Ewelina Joensen

Living on the Faroe Island for 20 years. The first Polish woman to graduate from the Faroese University in Torshavn. Pedagogue, nature lover and relentless hiker. Mother of Irdý and Filip.

Klaudia Borowiec

She came to the archipelago four years ago as a student/trainee. Now working as an architect in the renowned Henning Larsen studio, designing various buildings inspired by the Faroese landscape. When asked about her favorite thing about the Islands, she says: “The weather”.

Jógvan Ole Kristiansen

A fan of the local Vikangur football team and Liverpool FC. Loves Faroese delicacies. Klaudia’s SO.

Asbjørn Lómaklett

First a fisherman, then a teacher. A member of the local chain dance club, passionate about local ballads and language.

Pól Arni Holm

Lead vocals in Hamradun, although his career started in another band – Tyr. A carpenter and social worker with a degree in Archeology. Lives on Suðuroy.

Janus Sørensen

Fisherman, born on the sea. Owner of the Brandur fishing boat.

Hans Jakob Hermansen

Politician and the former head of the Faroese Whalers Association. An expert in the field of traditional whale hunting.

Hallbera Ólavsdóttir

Designs and knits Faroese sweaters. She designed a unique sweater for the Danish queen. You can find her shop in Syðrugøta.

Amalia í Frammistovu

The mayor of the smallest municipality on the Faroe Islands, Fugloy. Its only 11 square kilometers in size, and inhabited by 42 people.