Kuba Witek on his way to Fugloy

Organize a movie screening and / or meeting

The production of FAROE WAY is one of many creative activities of its creator, who consistently promotes traveling and exploring the world as a way to open up to new experiences and other people. Kuba participates in film screenings and meetings organized at festivals or series of thematic lectures.

If you want to host a screening of the film and invite its creator to participate in it, please contact us. FAROE WAY can be presented to an organized group of fans of travel, nature and interesting personal stories.

The director, who can infect viewers with his passions, talks about the genesis of the project, share the memories from the set and talk to the audience about “the best job in the world”.

The terms of participation in such a presentation will be discussed after contacting us via email or by phone.


Monika Witek
Plac Wolności Foundation
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Sample lectures

  • Why I'm going back to Iceland
  • Faroe Islands – multimedia journey
  • Around the Iceland on bike (in the summer and winter)
  • Grindadráp – facts & myths

Unbelievable landscapes, natural wonders and a vastness of space that is so hard to experience living on the Old Continent today - each of these elements attracts crowds of travelers and adventure seekers to Iceland. It is hardly surprising, seeing as in Europe there is no other place where we can climb volcano craters (active and inactive), go over the surface of one of the glaciers, go on an off-road trip into the interior or go through the lava fields. In Iceland we have the chance to visit the ice caves, bathe in natural hot springs and drink water straight from the waterfall, sometimes all in one day. Needless to say, the land of ice and fire is, literally, a paradise for photographers or filmmakers.

Route number 1, commonly called Ring Road, which leads around the island, I traveled three times, once on a bike and twice a roadster, both in summer and in the middle of winter. Each of these trips provided me with unique experiences and views. The same places often look different at different times of the day, let alone different seasons. In the summer, traveling in Iceland has undoubtedly more to offer - starting with open roads to the interior and campsites - but it's in winter, in my opinion, Icelandic nature highten senses most strongly. And it's only in the winter when we have the opportunity to "hunt" for one of the most unique attractions that North has to offer - the Northern Lights.

In addition to the space that gives you an amazing relief from the urban hustle and bustle, Iceland is also the land of unexpected meetings. Here we come to meet people from the farthest corners of the world. That - and of course the Icelandic landscape - are to me the main reasons I know that I will come back to the island, more than once.

Multimedia presentation (photos + video)
Lenght: 40-60 minutes

More details soon.

Kuba Witek toured Iceland on a bicycle in spring, Mariusz Wolski in winter. Together, they will talk about their impressions, adventures and surprising meetings that happened to them during their trips. They will share their experience, talk about equipment, campsites, hotels, study the map step by step and answer all questions bothering the audience.

It is also possible to screen a documentary "Against the wind: 1500 km through Icelandic winter", a report from Mariusz's winter expedition, which was shot by Kuba (duration: 20 minutes).

Presentation, photos, video

Lenght: 40-60 minutes

More details soon.


29.09.2018 – Independent Cinema Festival LiFF, Lidzbark Warmiński / Screening + lecture ISOLAND: Icelandic stories of Polish immigrants
11.11.2018 – Atlantis, Klaksvik, Faroe Islands / International premiere of FAROE WAY: The art of survival in the Faroe Islands
22-24.11.2018 – Nordic Focus Festival, Gdańsk / Screening + lecture


27.09.2018 – Behind the horizon – travel lecture series, RCK Kołobrzeg / “Why I’m going back to Iceland?”
5-7.03.2019 – Nordic Talking 2, Gdańsk / TBA

If I were to describe the two strongest feelings that accompanied me during my stay in the Faroe Islands, they were peace and respect. The peace that resonates from the Faroe Islanders – people who are open, but with a harsh, subdued temperament, their colorful villages stuck to the steep slopes of the fjords, the clouds that surround snow-capped mountains, and from the bays, with water of a specific shade of blue, which is something I’ve never seen before. Tranquility, which exists in total symbiosis with the unpredictable force of nature, which very quickly gains your deep respect, especially after hearing the tragic stories of seafarers, whose lives are so often taken by the ocean, or watching a “moderate” (at least for the Faroe Islanders) storm that could effectively paralyze a whole Polish city. A place that is ambiguous, complicated, and at the same time beautiful, wild and full of lifeJakub Witek, autor of the film.